Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY {Removing} Tile

So today is finally the day that I thought would never come....we get our new flooring installed!

We have patiently waited (well maybe kicked and screamed the whole time) for 2 years for this day!

The only thing Lowe's would not do was take up the tile in front of our fire place, so this is where Z and I come into play!

Z working hard getting the tile up...

Me, modeling sexy safety glasses so that tile does not get in my eyes...notice the smile

realizing that we only had one pair of safety glasses, so I got my old sun glasses out

Z being such a trooper to snap a pic with me since I need it "for the blog"

And this is how I remove tile...purple sunglasses and a glass of wine!!

Disclaimer: We are in no way professional tile removers. Z said about 3 times during the process he realizes now why we went to college, because neither one of us are cut out for manual labor.

This also may be a VERY BIG surprise to everyone....I do not do manual labor. I now have a callus on my hand due to breaking up tile. It may have ruined my manicure!

More pics to come of our new floors - yay!!



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  1. Y'all are nerds! Glad you got it done, safely! LOL!


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