Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Product Review - Forever21 Makeup Brushes

First thing...this is my first time blogging from my phone and I like it! Makes it quick and easy to share news with y'all!

This past weekend Alyssa and I went to Northeast Mall, it is now THE mall since they have gotten a enormous Forever21 and they have Nordstrom! My two favorite stores!

We went strolling through the new Forever21 and that is like the ultimate torture for me right now since I am not suppose to be buying anything for my self!

Well while I was strolling through their accessories I stumbled upon the greatest thing ever and had to break the "no buy" rule!

It is like the ultimate bag of makeup brushes for a small price of $17.50!! What a deal! Normally one brush is at least $20!

The brushes are absolutely amazing an surprising very well made for cheaply made Forever21!

This would make such a good sticking stuffer for all of your makeup obsessed girls like my self!!!



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