Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Double Date To The State Fair of {Texas}

Hello.....is anyone there....anyone out there....

Sorry I have been MIA this last week, our life has definitely kicked into overdrive since we only have 1 MONTH until the wedding!!!! (I am not excited one bit as you can tell)

Last wednesday we had a double date at the State Fair with Chase and Alyssa. Pretty much I go for food and to look at new cars, then I suffer my food choices with a tummy ache later.

But hey the State Fair only comes once a year....here are a few highlight pics from our double date

I just figured out instagram and I thought I would hightlight Fletcher's Corny Dogs because I love them soooo much! I could eat them every night for dinner!

Alyssa was ready for a roadtrip to Destin, since every family drives a mini van there

Getting ready to wack the chicken - ps we did not plan on matching

You have to really stretch to get the chicken to fly

Fried oreos...yummy

Z had to try fried ribs....disgusting

Seriously the most amazing root beer you will ever have in your life! They do not even serve it over ice because its THAT cold

A pot belly pig that looks like our little acer!

My high school mascout was a porcupine!

Delta Zeta's mascout is a Turtle turtle!

We had so much fun on our double date and will be having even more double dates very soon since Chase and Alyssa are moving a block away!!!



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