Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{Great} Holiday Weekend!

Z and I had so much fun on our holiday weekend away to Austin! We really had an eventful packed
weekend and Z was such a good sport about letting me explore Austin!

Friday we pretty much ate our weight in Frank's goodness! They have the most amazing unique hot dogs!
Z and I decided to get two and see which one we liked most....and the winner is....

1st PLACE - AKA Thunder Dog

This baby is deep fried topped with nacho cheese, onion, tomatoes, and jalapenos! Yummy in my tummy...literally!

2nd PLACE - AKA Picnic Dog

This hot dog is topped with potato salad, onion rings, and BBQ sauce. The potato salad was not my grandmother's 
and the BBQ sauce kind of tasted like chili...this one still needs a little work.

They also had these amazing fries...

AND they had my all time favorite drink...Big Red AKA Red Delight! 

After eating at Frank's and feeling like we could roll anywhere, we decided to go kayaking on Town Lake. From where Frank's was the closest kayaking place was 2.2 miles....me being the optimist that I am talked Z into walking! Well we ended up only walking 1.2 miles to kayak but in the Texas heat it felt a lot further!

I couldn't bring my camera on the kayak due to being clumsy and possibly losing it for good, but these are the photos got!

We had so much fun and got to see some beautiful houses on Town Lake. Next time we are trying the surf board like things that you stand up and paddle on!

Our whole weekend pretty much revolved around food....not that WE are going on our honeymoon in 4 months or that
 WE are trying to stay fitting in our wedding dress. But hey we can just workout harder right?

Saturday we drove a total of 70 miles to go eat BBQ. Z and his dad share this love affair with BBQ, that makes them 
do crazy things like load everyone up in a car on a "pool side" Saturday and drive 70 miles for BBQ. 

Sunday when we got home we went on "date night", which I love have date night with Z! I still get so excited like
 we don't see each other every day...corny? Yeah I know! 

We had dinner at Gloria's and then went to Tilman's Road House over off of 7th Street. They really don't have the best food for the price, however they have the most AMAZING margarita you have had in your life...really! It's called a Ricky Rita, so if you are looking for a place for drinks...get the Rickey Rita.

While we went to only have a Ricky Rita, the bartender talked us into getting the smore's dessert. After he discovered we had never had the smore's before he insisted we order the whole thing....please see below

This is AMAZING as well and could probably be a meal on it's own. Tilman's makes their marshmallows home made and they come in coffee, hazelnut and orange. They are all really yummy but we decided the orange flavor is the best!!

So literally after this holiday eventful weekend....I will be surviving off of water...Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! 
Only 4 day work week again!! Yay!



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