Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OOTD and {Nail} Polish Review

This past Thursday after getting layers put in my hair (yes layers in my hair like I had when i was 13) I ran to Target for 3 things
and left with 2 bathing suits for me, swimming trunks for Z, the three things I went for, feather earrings and a new top!

I have come to the realization that beside the fact that I am a shopaholic, Target is the devil! I can never leave there with just the things
I went for! (I am a little bit of a work in progress)

So outfit of the day, out with my mom and younger sister hannah to get my wedding dress - Top: Target($14)  Earrings: Target(9.99) 
Shorts: Vault Denim ($50) Sandals: Target from a couple of years ago cant remember price

I am absolutely in LOVE with the feather extensions everyone is getting, however they would not be appropriate 
at work, so I opted for the less permanent version, feather earrings!! also you can see some of the 
layers in my hair, which in case you couldn't tell I am in LOVE with as well!!


I have been looking for this color for a while now and the only brand at Target was Sally Henson Xtreme Wear. 
The color is perfect, however the nail polish is not. It's pretty thick and dries so quick that it 
makes for a difficult time painting. Any new color that has caught your eye?




  1. You should try Essie nail polish in Turks & Caicos! Essie is my absolute favorite brand of polish, and I'm a polish junkie!

    P.S. Based on the size, height, and fullness of the bag, and other wedding details you've shared, I think I have pretty much pictured your dress! Ok, probably not, but it's really fun to try! I love wedding dresses and I know you picked something amazing!

  2. haha yes I have been looking for that color EVERYWHERE!!! lol I saw it in a magazine and needed it right then!

    If you see my dress in your head just keep it there! lol

  3. They have the polish at the Walgreens at Hulen and Oak Park Ln. At least they did Sunday when I bought it :)


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