Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday {Brain} Dump

What I have on my mind:

  • Sunday marks officially 5 months until our wedding and I have yet to start my skin care routine (which the knot has nicely reminded me of today)
  • Sunday marks officially 5 months until our wedding and I have YET to get serious about my fitness/diet routine (which the knot nicely reminded me of today as well)
  • I am thinking about doing the Master Cleanse, but I am not sure if it will be healthy and/or I could go 13 days without food.
  • I do not know what to get my bridesmaids....I think I am trying to be too creative, which I am not
  • I have no EARTHLY idea what I am going to get Z for his wedding day present, but I can think of 10 things he could get me....
  • Major things I have left to do for the wedding are: save the dates, invites, table clothes, chair covers and find a videographer
  • I am half way wishing we would have done a destination wedding like 3 weeks ago so I would officially be "Mrs. Gillean" since my work email already says I am a "Gillean".
  • I have started this obsession with fingernail polish..worse than it was when I was 13. I would like to thank all of the blogs I follow for that
  • I have thrown in the towel on this Texas heat and decided to boycott pants this summer....skirts, shorts, and dresses for this girl. (see pic of hotness below)

  • I am getting my hair done next Thursday and until then I have decided to try new hairstyles courtesy of YouTube videos. See below for Messy Bun

  • During the summer I am completely addicted to sno cones....I just found their replacement last night at Fuzzy's Taco Stand. Meet the Watermelon Margarita!

  • I could care less about the Mavs playing as much as I do Anthony Wiener taking pics of his "wiener".

That's all my brain dump for now....




  1. This is hilarious! I could not imagine going 13 days without food. Maybe there are other cleanses that are healthier and easier to follow. Best of luck with that.
    I'll take a watermelon margarita, or 3!

  2. 1. Your skin looks great! do not need a freaking clense, they are not good for you! Quit eating junk and drinking forzen margs and eat healthy foods that boost your metabloism!
    3.I can think of 10 things you could get your bridesmaids :)
    4. for your save the date, just send out an email (a la "Bride Wars"), Go down to the Wal-Mart and get you some table clothes, and if you just use thos metal folding chairs you wont need covers!, and I will video for you untill I am too intoxicated to.
    5. I am also obsessed with nail polish, I cant quit buying it! And remind me to tell you about the lady buying nail polish at ulta last time I was there!

    Your welcome for posting a mini blog on your blog!


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