Monday, May 23, 2011

When Does Fashion Take A {Backseat}?

Over the weekend we had a reminder of what Texas weather is really like. It was storming on Friday, hot and humid Saturday morning, extremely windy Saturday evening, hot and humid Sunday morning/afternoon, and storming again Sunday night. Texas weather is about as unpredictable as Texas women!

Since I had seen the weather report and it was suppose to be smok'n hot on Saturday, I decided to wear one of Alyssa's cute little summer dresses. The dress was a bit short and I have really long legs so pretty much everything is short on me! With the wind blowing like it was and the shortness of the dress, it made for a bad combination.

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My mother being the sweet little thing that she is suggested I just put on some white tights!! I completely despise white tights and think they are the worst thing ever invented!! (sorry for the soap box)  Probably the smart thing for me to do was to bite the bullet and put the white tights on, however I was not about to spare my adorable outfit to white tights! I mean I was meeting my future husband's family, so seeing more than they bargain for was probably appropriate, right?

On Sunday Z and I went to the Colonial for "the" golf tournament of the year in Fort Worth. We have been in previous years and you would think I would have learned by now that its going to be humid and horribly hot! I wore my super cute black shorts, a cute white shirt, my leopard summer scarf, and a pair of my casual black sandals.

I reminded Z as we were leaving that next year its hair in a ponytail, minimal make up, strapless light weight dress and sandals! (Hopefully I will remember)

For you who have never watched a golf tournament in person, tv, and/or have never played golf, a lot of walking is involved! I have always worn flat sandals to watch golf tournaments due to the excessive walking, however there are always a ton of girls in high heels or wedges.

Honestly I can run with the best of them in heels (I even joke that they are my running shoes). However walking all day from green to green watching golf would not be an ideal location to sport my favorite black wedges. (Even though they would have made my outfit that much more amazing!)

So again I ask, When does fashion take a backseat? Should I have just taken my mom's advice and put on the white tights that I absolutely hate? Should we ever sacrifice our cute outfit for comfort?

I read an article that said Kim Kardashian was the most well manicured woman...well if I had Kim K's "Glam Squad" I would look like the most "well manicured woman" as well!!

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  1. Erin, they were not white tights they were white leggings...BIG difference. xoxo, mom


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