Sunday, May 29, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball {Game}, Here Comes the {Bride}, Wasting Away Again in {Margaritaville}

I feel like the title of this blog was our play list for this weekend! Friday night we went to the Texas Rangers game with all of my friends! It was so good to see everyone and especially Krystal and Chance since they live in PA now. (Rangers lost by the way - 12 - 7, 14 innings)

****Krystal and Chance!! So happy I got to see them!****

****This was my fault I made Krystal take the picture like this!****

****Me and sweet Hiedi Ann! I just love my friend Hiedi!****

****Z did not want to take a picture with me so I decided I would force him to smile!****

Saturday was my cousin Mallory's wedding! Everything turned out amazing!! And I hope they have such a wonderful marriage and a great time on their honeymoon in St. Lucia!!

Today we are dong absolutely nothing except laying by the pool being bums at my parents house!!! I am so happy that we have this three day weekend to relax and breath!!

****Not my parent's pool...thought I had a picture somewhere??****

***Again this was taken in Cabo...we do not serve drinks like this by the Mayo pool***

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and spending it with family, friends and the ones you love!! Thank you to all the military men and women that fight for our freedom!



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