Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Set of First

What a busy weekend!!! First the Royal Wedding, which I woke up at 6am to start watching, then a friend's bachelorette party, and then our engagement pictures!!!!

My friend Ashley is getting married at the end of May and her bridesmaids got the wedding festivities started this weekend with her bachelorette party.  Ashley had told me a couple of months ago that one of her bridesmaids was thinking about a pole dancing class to kick of the weekend! I was so excited and committed that night that I would be there! (Not sure if she was really inviting me but I said yes absolutely!)  Friday night we went to the Girls Room in Dallas and I am not going to lie I was a little nervous and excited to see what the night had in store for us!  All you need to remember is T-P-T!!

Saturday Zach and I started at 2pm at the Ranger's Ballpark for our pictures! As we were leaving our house for the ballpark Zach says "Woo we're getting married!!!", I let him know to keep that excitement for a little over 6 more months since we were just doing our engagements today. :)

Part of our contract with Ranger's Ballpark read that we could take pictures in the stands, dugout, concourse, and had to be escorted around by a security guard. Me being the complete girl that I am had no idea what the concourse was, and I was completely disappointed when I figured out it was where the food vendors are. 

H. Hopper our security guard was the nicest man I have ever met! Him and his wife have been married for over 40 years and he thought it was the coolest thing we were taking our engagement pictures at Ranger's Ballpark. He was so helpful with ideas on where to take pictures and even took us to where George and Laura Bush sit! (We took pictures and kissed for the camera in their seats!)

To my surprise my future husband is a bigger ham in front of the camera than I am!! I was so worried he was going to do his goofy smile or be nervous about taking so many pictures, but he is such a champ! Its the little things like taking pictures for 6 hours in the humid/hot Texas weather that remind me why I am so madly in love with him!

We get to see our sneak peak a week from today and it couldn't come sooner!!

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