Wednesday, November 6, 2013

{Bountiful} Baskets

I talked on Monday a little about Bountiful Baskets, and I have had
a lot of you ask for more details
Bountiful Baskets is like a food co-op except you do not have to buy every single time.
They treat it as if you are donating money to get all of these wonderful fruits and vegetables.
You also have the option to participate every week or every other week.
I have only participated in Bountiful Baskets for a month now and it has been completely worth the 730am Saturday morning pick ups and what it has done to my cooking!
Here is a picture of my last pick up

I got all of that for $15.....
Bountiful Baskets is literally every where. You can check their website to see if they have a pick up spot close to you!
Signing up is very easy!
All you do is create an account, at noon Monday of your pick up week you will sign in and purchase your basket. At that time you can do any additional add-ons (Bread, Tortillas, 20 pounds of honey crisp apples or what have you).
Then you just check out like you were doing any other normal online shopping and then you will receive your confirmation of where and when to pick up your baskets!
The biggest thing to know when going to pick up your baskets is that the actual baskets stay at the sight. So you will need to bring reusable grocery bags.
And you just need to remember your confirmation!
Everyone that I have met in line and our sight volunteer have been so nice and helpful!
The main volunteer even called me after my first day to tell me how to keep all of the veggies fresh longer and to answer any questions I had! 
Are any of you currently participating in Bountiful Baskets or any other food co-op?
If you are not, I would really think about it! Its too cheap not to pass up and I ALWAYS love a good deal!
***I was not compensated or asked by Bountiful Baskets to do this review! I just love it too much not to share!***


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